The art of drying your hair after a wash into the desired style. 

What is a Blowout?

Your Blowout should last anywhere from 3 to 5 days! It will all depend on the texture of hair and how well you take care of your hair! The more you get blowouts, your hair will start to adapt to the style better! Ask us about our “Beautiful Subscription” 

How long will my Blowout last?

When you arrive, you will be greeted by your stylist and will discuss your desired look! Then the relaxing part, the shampoo and massage! We will choose the right shampoo/conditioner that will aid your hair. We will finish your wash with a relaxing head massage. At the chair, we will add in our amazing Surface hair products and begin the blowout. At the very end we will use our hot tools to add any curls or waves to your hair... or simply keep it straight! 

What's included in my Blowout?

Your blowout should take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour! It all depends on how thick or thin you hair is and the desired style you are looking for! 

How long will the Blowout take?

A Dry style includes no shampoo! You will come into our lounge with dry hair and we will style your hair to your desired look! 

What is a Dry Style?


A Natural makeup application includes foundation, blush/bronzer and light mascara. Great for our older and young clientele. 

A Soft Glam Makeup application includes foundation, blush/bronzer/highlight, eye look, brows and mascara. 

A Full Glam Makeup looks includes everything from soft glam but a bit deeper! You have the option to add lashes as well. This is great for parties, weddings, night out or photoshoot. Ask us about upgrading to Airbrush Makeup.

What is the difference between a Natural, Soft and Full Glam Makeup Application? 

Airbrush Makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush machine instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. Our Airbrush makeup is waterproof and extremely lightweight! If you are someone who doesn’t like the feeling of foundation on your face this will be the best option for you! Airbrush makeup is also great for photography!

What is Airbrush Makeup?



Hard wax is thicker than soft wax and works by hardening on your skin — hence, the name. Once it hardens, we can remove it with our hands, so there's no need for waxing strips. This makes the process a lot less painful.

What is Hard Wax?

You'll want to grow your hair out to be 1/4-inch long, or around the size of a grain of rice. Clients come back every 3-6 weeks! When you first get waxed, you may continue to see hair or see hair again in as little as just a couple of days. Do not worry, this is completely normal after your first visit! 

When should I get waxed?

The day before your appointment, exfoliate with a mild scrub, brush, mitt, or loofah to remove dead skin cells that surround the hair follicles. Exfoliating helps loosen existing ingrown hairs and improves your waxing results. Wear loose breathable cloths! Lastly, Breathe! :)

How should I prepare for my wax appointment?