A Team Obsessed with 

MakingYou Feel Beautiful 

And Skilled At All Things HAIR & MAKEUP

Meet Brianna Clark

HAIR STYLIST, salon owner

Hello! I am Brianna and I am the owner of Every Kind Of Beautiful. I have always had a strong passion and love for the bridal industry, getting to be a part of a bride's special day means the absolute world to me! My core belief is that everyone is beautiful and deserves to feel that way on their big day. 

Additionally, I have always had a vision of opening a beauty lounge where brides can come to get glammed up and I wanted a space where I could still style hair for special occasions, photoshoots, clients, and more! I combined the two and created a one-stop-shop that is all beauty-related! A place where anyone can come and feel the most confident.

Meet The Team


I absolutely love makeup!! I want all my clients to still look natural, and like themselves. I understand that certain events call for heavier applications of makeup because otherwise it may not show up on film, but I always strive to not change facial features entirely while maintaining and accentuating natural beauty.


HAIR STYLIST + Bridal Team

Hey, I'm Mackenzie!! Hair has always been a passion of mine and meeting every need for each of my clients is my top priority. Look good, feel good! Outside of the salon I enjoy cooking, baking and hanging out with family! I look forward to seeing you soon! 



Hello, I'm Jade! I've been behind the chair for 9 years in this amazing industry. I love special occasion styling and I'm always trying to update my knowledge and tricks to get the best end results for my clients. I especially love doing wedding because it's a wonderful feeling to be able to help someone feel their best on such a special day! When I'm not in my artistic element, I am busy being a mommy to my twin toddlers and boston terriers. 



I love making people feel and look beautiful. We all have our own idea of what beauty is, and I love to tap into that and really create a special look for every client. A look that is unmistakably them! When I'm not behind the chair, you can find me cooking (or dancing) in my kitchen!


Makeup Artist + BRIDAL TEAM

Hey, I'm Angelica! Beauty has been my passion for as long as I can remember. With over 5 years of experience in makeup artistry, making people feel beautiful in their ow skin has remained important to me. I know when I look good, I feel good. Weddings are my favorite occasion to glam in particular. Being able to play a part in a bride's day is always an honor. Aside from makeup, I enjoy spending time with family, friends and my fur baby! I look forward to meeting you and making you feel and look your best you!



Hi everyone, My Name is Dawn, I am a hairstylist, salon growth manager, author, creator and artistic ambassador for Surface education team. I'm excited to share trends, tips and tricks to inspire your creativity behind your chair! Can't wait to meet you!


“Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and if you don't then start because everyone is Beautiful” -Niall Horan

How every kind of beautiful came to be

I've been asked a number of times how I came up with the name for my business. I chose this name because it resonates with the motto I hold close to my heart. I believe that every woman is beautiful in their own way! Beauty does not have a label, weight limit, age, skin color, or height. We must stop letting society tell us what the idea of being beautiful means.

We are all beautiful in our own ways and that is why my lounge is “Every Kind Of Beautiful”!